Friday, October 28, 2011

A great way to lose weight!

Losing weight requires a lot more then just running everyday, unless you really want to waste time and just spend countless amounts of time running then keep on reading.

Here are two steps that you should always keep in mind if you decided that you are interested in losing weight.

1. Eating Healthier:
This is big and the one thing is that you have to always be consistent, you cannot drink pop one day in a week. You have to make sure that you stop drinking pop altogether. This can be easy if you have a drink that is similar but not as fat, something like sweet ice tea or lemonade is a great alternative or a method to come down to water.

Another thing people have to stay off of is anything fried, this is a easy one but in all seriousness all foods dipped in oil adds a large amount of calories that are useless. These calories that are not used up will eventually become stored as fat.

2.Running every day.

This is something that not very many people do; most of the time in the morning people are able to run for a longer period of time. Some people think that running takes a long time, and while it seems longs when you are running it usually takes 10-20 minutes a day. In this time you can lose a lot of weight if you do this every single day.

For running it can also be okay to do it every other day or something like that, doing so will burn calories right now and continue to do so after you have stopped running.

Make sure that when you are running you are on a good pace, a pace that will drain your energy but not too much, I recommend starting out doing 1 mile each day then progressively do more and more. You can do this by running longer at the same pace or speeding up the pace, both will help you in losing weight off your body.


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